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MedHOK's Sales & Marketing Solution
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MarketProminence (MP) Sales & Marketing Solution

Solution Overview

MedHOK’s MP Sales and Marketing solution is a laser-focused tool that allows plans in the Medicare and Medicaid markets to load leads into the system and carry out a targeted marketing campaign via mailings and subsequent in person appointments. Additionally, the module allows plans to enter new name records into the system when potential applicants reach out directly to the plan to learn more about the product offering.


Customers use this solution to:

  • Manage leads and track all communications with prospect
  • Schedule visits, seminars, and information kits
  • Send and track all marketing correspondence as allowed by CMS Medicare marketing guidelines
  • Provide a central location of all correspondence and activity at the prospect level.

Have You Considered ...


With MP Sales & Marketing, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

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Send and track marketing correspondence as allowed by CMS Medicare marketing guidelines


Manage leads and track all communications with prospects while scheduling and conducting visits, seminars and information kits


Use the premier MarketProminence solution for proven best-practices across the entire enrollment process using automated structured workflows

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