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MedHOK's Pharmacy Prior Authorization Solution
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Pharmacy Prior Authorization

Solution Overview

MedHOK’s Pharmacy Prior Authorization solution comes out of the box fully CMS-compliant for Medicare and is easily configurable for other lines of business, including Medicaid, the Exchanges and Commercial business. Our cutting edge platform allows for real-time monitoring of activity and promotes a proactive approach to workload management. MedHOK is fully integrated with First Data Bank and Medi-Span for up to the minute FDA and manufacturer guidelines. MedHOK is also capable of integrating with all major PBM’s. Our solution includes:

  • A seamless intake process with re-route and forwarding capabilities
  • Automatic member eligibility verification
  • Configurable decision trees to aid in decision making process
  • Auto effectuation of approvals in client claim system
  • Automatic correspondence generation based on case status and/or action taken
  • Real-time dashboard reports and alerts for proactive monitoring
  • Pre-built reporting tools as well Business Intelligence tools for ad hoc reporting needs

Customers use this solution to:

  • Simplify the review process for associates, members and providers
  • Create custom, business-specific workflow rules and routing
  • Remain compliant with federal and state regulations
  • Manage utilization management edits with minimal impact for protocol and/or formulary changes
  • Integrate with IVR and fulfillment vendors to ensure appropriate outreach and communication

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100% Out-of-the-Box Compliant

Pre-configured to be fully compliant day one with Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial/Exchange LOBs


Integrates with PBMs to auto effectuate claims for approvals, removing administrative burden

Pre-Built Workflows

Out-of-the-box best practice workflows to ensure compliance and increase efficiency

See How Industry-Leading Payers Use MedHOK's Pharmacy Prior Authorization Solution

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