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Industry Data & Decision Support Services
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Fully Integrated Critical Data and Decision Support Services


MedHOK's Unified Payer Platform brings everything you need together to make the most informed decisions for your members.   MedHOK's Unified Payer Platform enables access to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Pharmacy Files, Clinical Criteria, Health Information, Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs), Risk Adjustment tools and systems, and Quality Management systems.  Fully integrated to improve automated data population to enable complete information around your members, MedHOK serves as a single platform with the most comprehensive available in the industry.  


Only MedHOK brings all the continuum of care functionality and industry data sources and decision support tools together into one platform.  Covering both medical and pharmaceutical capabilities, MedHOK provides everything you need to succeed in value-based healthcare. 

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Complete 360° Member Visibility

Access members’ complete medical and pharmacy history, and all interactions with one click from anywhere in the MedHOK platform, so you can deliver quality care and service

Full Function Member Engagement

Proactive and responsive member engagement — from Enrollment to Outreach to Appeals and Grievances — is critical for success with value-based healthcare


MedHOK enables workflows that facilitate consistent and compliant member engagement, leading to better overall service, higher quality scores, and increased revenue

Industry Data & Decision Support Components

MedHOK delivers full system integration with third party industry platforms to deliver critical data around the member and provide decision support capabilities that help your team provide the best and most comprehensive care for your members


MedHOK enables you to connect to any Health Information Exchange and other critical information system using leading interconnection mediums such as:


MedHOK enables interconnections with pharmacy solutions providers which enable complete information on member prescription utilization and related data through vendors such as:

MedHOK enables real-time access to the primary clincial criteria systems and health information tools including:


MedHOK enables interconnections with most major pharmacy beenfit management platforms such as:


MedHOKprovides full integration with the industry's most advanced risk adjustment systems and CMS risk data:

MedHOK enables quality Management as a critical part of our pltform using:

White Paper

Focus on the Member: The Premise for Value-Based Healthcare

Value-based healthcare requires a focus on the member; quite a shift from the provider-centric, transaction-focused models with which payers are familiar. This paper discusses how a focus on the member will result in better quality, care, and outcomes.

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